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Malia Rogers MS, MHC-LP



Queer LGBTQ+ therapist new york _edited.jpg


I am a cat parent of two (who may on occasion pass through a session), and can be found reading, crafting, or gaming when I am not doing DIY home projects or exploring social media for creative approaches to neurodivergent living.


​​​Adults (18+). I specialize in neurodivergent (ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, AudHD, etc.) and LGBT2QIA+ experiences as well as working with folx in the polyamory/consensually non-monogamous (CNM) and kink communities. 


I encourage clients to use the therapeutic space in whatever way that they feel would be most beneficial to them as we work through their goals and identify their support needs. Although I am often informed by behavioral models, especially when working with anxiety, I do not ascribe to a rigid formula for any individual’s therapy and integrate many modalities into my approach. My goal is to create a space where clients can unveil and express their true selves as they are in the present moment and dismantle internalized shame. In one session this may be simply providing a space where a client can speak freely when the world is asking them to hold back, while another session may involve providing psychoeducation on the effects of trauma on the nervous system or challenging behaviors that are no longer serving the client.


I support folx with anxiety in breaking down internalized systems of oppression in order to uncover their true selves and needs. I assist neurodivergent clients in unmasking and identifying creative solutions to improve their daily lives. I work with many folx looking to further explore their identities and develop them in new contexts and relationships. 


As a neurodivergent, queer, fat therapist, I understand the importance of finding your people and providing reciprocity by bringing my authentic self into the therapy space as I would hope my clients feel safe to do. I do not believe in the oppressive concept of ‘normal’ and work to model the vulnerable act of unmasking in a judgment-free environment. I am conversational and work to weave therapeutic techniques and concepts into our dialogues in an accessible way. I continually emphasize my clients’ autonomy over how sessions are conducted and support them in identifying their needs and evolving goals in the work.

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