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Queer LGBTQ+ therapist new york _edited.

Malia Rogers, MS, MHC-LP   (she/they)



Malia strongly believes in the power of relationships to heal and inspire profound growth, when built upon a foundation of co-created safety and liberation. She is committed to meeting clients where they are in the present moment and collaboratively working toward their goals. Malia welcomes clients of all genders, identities, relationship styles, kinks, and creeds. She has personal and professional experience with supporting those who have been othered and brings authenticity and compassionate curiosity to the therapeutic space. They are well-informed on relevant topics like body neutrality, neurodivergence, and practical coping skills, and they tailor their approach based on the unique personality and learning style of each client.  Malia strives to create a  nonjudgmental therapeutic environment where clients can feel free to express their thoughts, feelings, and desires that may be considered taboo in other environments. 

Malia believes that every human is the expert of their own story and she strives to empower her clients to take on an active and collaborative role within the therapeutic relationship.  She supports clients toward building awareness through exploring their personal histories then drawing connections and identifying patterns across their lifetime. They work toward improving the mind-body connection and exploring the roots of unhealthy thoughts and beliefs in order to increase insight, reduce shame, and promote healthy relationships. Malia is committed to being a lifelong learner, always looking to increase her knowledge and skill base.

Malia received their Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from New York University after working in university settings for many years. They completed their internship at a community mental health agency and served a caseload diverse in age and severity of difficulties. She continued to work at the agency as a gender affirming therapist for individuals and couples and effected change through the administrative LGBTQIA+ workgroup on site. Malia also received a Master’s in Higher Education with a focus in academic and career advising. She has many years of experience supporting emerging adults and LGBTQIA+ folx through major life transitions and anxieties, assisting with identity exploration and development, navigating various relationships, and identifying goals and hopes for the future.


Malia works under the clinical supervision of Kristy LaRocca, LMHC.

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