Rae Legine Rodriguez   (they, them, theirs)

City College of New York

Intern Therapist


Rae Legine aims to provide a safe and supportive space to honor each person’s lived experience, journey in healing, resilience, and joy. They believe that the process of healing and self-growth is based on trust, empowerment, and within the context of one's relationship with oneself and others. Rae Legine aims to create a collaborative and mutually respectful therapeutic alliance with their clients to foster growth, autonomy, trust, initiative, and identity. Rae Legine approaches therapy through an integrative and intersectional framework with specific recognition to the effects of systemic oppression on the multiplicity of identities regarding neurodiversity, race, ethnicity, SES, gender, sexuality, and ability.



Rae Legine received their BA in Psychology and Sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. They received additional clinical training on treating addictions, trauma, compulsive behaviors, and substance use from The Center of Motivation and Change (CMC). They are a clinician in training and are in the process of receiving a Masters in Mental Health Counseling from The City College of New York. They work under the direct clinical supervision of Kristy LaRocca, LMHC, to provide each client the utmost care and support.