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Kristy (Kris) LaRocca, MA, LMHC   (she/they)

Director, Supervisor, Therapist


Kristy strives to provide a therapeutic environment where clients feel not only safe, respected, and non-judged but also truly seen and truly heard. She believes that securing a trusting and sincere bond with her clients is of utmost importance before any real therapy can begin. She works collaboratively with clients to help them understand themselves more deeply and evoke meaning in their challenges so that they can ultimately live life more fully and authentically. She provides the support needed for clients to begin taking steps outside of their comfort zones and toward facilitating the changes that they wish to see.


Kristy considers herself a genuinely integrative therapist, often adjusting her style to fit each client and their unique and evolving needs. She experiences the mind and the body as intimately interconnected, and therefore takes a holistic approach with clients. With knowledge and training in mindfulness, somatic embodiment and regulation strategies, Kristy incorporate the wisdom of the body in helping clients to find empowerment through building awareness. Rather than helping clients reach the goal of ‘happiness,’ Kristy works toward helping them find wholeness in the present moment, and meaning in their journey.

Kristy provides individual counseling and relationship counseling. She embraces diversity of all kinds and applies an anti-oppressive lens to her work. She has extensive training and experience working with individuals of many various sexualities, genders, and gender expressions and with clients who practice nontraditional relationship styles (such as polyamory and ethical non-monogamy).


Kristy received her Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Brooklyn College and has taught psychology courses as an Adjunct Professor at Brooklyn College for several years. She completed her internship at the Institute for Human Identity, one of NYC's leading training programs for LGBTQ+ affirmative psychotherapy, and has served the queer community as a Staff Therapist and Director of the Intern Training Program there for several years. Kristy is currently the Director of Professional Development working on enhancing and expanding the Institute for Human Identity's LGBTQ+ Competency Training Program. Kristy also provides supervision and consultation services to other therapists and professionals.