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Francesca Sills, MHC-LP   (she, her, hers)



Francesca seeks to build genuine connection with everyone she works with. It is her goal to develop therapeutic relationships that are inclusive, rooted in trust & safety, are experience affirming, provide space to explore challenges, and establish goals towards clients' overall wellbeing. Francesca works with clients to explore their identities, passions, dreams, fears, and relationships while establishing a meaningful framework towards deep understanding and change. She brings a sense of curiosity into the exploration of the space between where clients are and the visions they have for their lives. She works with clients to explore the messages they have received throughout their lives and how they have internalized them. Francesca views mental health services as a tool to both prevent and treat challenges that come up in our lives. She knows that we all have the tools within us to heal and is honored to be a part of each client’s journey.


Francesca's counseling framework is rooted in existential and somatic therapies. She works with clients to build safety in their bodies and environment. Deep healing can occur when we strengthen the connection between our mind and our bodies. Trauma can live in our bodies long after an event takes place. Francesca's approach works with clients to explore what their bodies are telling them, explore difficult experiences, and learn new strategies to regulate their nervous systems and cue their bodies towards safety. Clients explore themes of capacity, boundaries, freedom, loss, power, purpose, responsibility, and meaning making. Francesca supports clients through realistic goal setting and defining measurable ways they will notice change occurring within their lives.


Francesca received her BA in Sociology from SUNY New Paltz where she focused on the intersections of class, race, gender, and sexuality. She completed her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at SUNY New Paltz, and is continuing her training in Trauma and Disaster Mental Health. She has additional training in chemical dependency counseling. Francesca believes healing takes place in connection. Francesca is a mental health advocate and has worked with survivors of violence, individuals with different support needs, families within the foster system, crisis intervention, and those navigating substance use disorders. Francesca works to uplift and center voices within marginalized and systemically oppressed communities while providing accessible, quality mental health services to everyone on their journey towards wellness.


Francesca works under the clinical supervision of Kristy LaRocca, LMHC.

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